Singapore Motor Sports Association was founded on 24 May 1969 through the amalgamation of the Forces Driving Club and the Singapore Motor Club. At its inception we were known as the Singapore Motor Sports Club (SMSC). The history of motor sports in Singapore has its roots dating back to 1929, but it was the withdrawal of the British Armed Forces in the late 1960s that was the catalyst that brought together two organisations that have been both competitors as well as friends to each other. Unfortunately, most of the records of the pre-seventies history were lost when the Clubhouse in Farrer Park was burnt down by a fire.

It was only in 1996, with the assistance and advice of the Singapore Sports Council, that the Club changed its status to an Association, henceforth known as Singapore Motor Sports Association (SMSA). This was done to better reflect our growth from being a Club to that of a National Sporting Association (NSA) recognised by the Singapore Sports Council as the governing body for all forms of motor sports in Singapore. SMSA is a non-profit organisation registered with the Registrar of Societies and Associations in Singapore.